Stacy Wissman

 Stacy is well known in the area for her above and beyond approach to Real Estate. Her exclusive service package for sellers is unrivaled in the market. Her attention to detail, warm personality and the breadth of her team, have made Stacy the clear choice for sellers looking to list their home. Stacy's work ethic and reputation amongst other agents gives buyers a clear edge when navigating the challenging process of purchasing a home.

With over 15 successful years of real estate experience, Stacy’s proven results have gained her a reputation amongst the real estate community as one of the best agents in the Salt Lake market. She has consistently ranked as the top agent in her office and averaged 22 million dollars in annual sales over the past three years.

Stacy was born in Chicago, living in Santa Fe and Los Angeles before moving to Salt Lake City, where she has resided for over 20 years. She is the proud mother of Emma, who is soon heading to college, and Frannie, who is already an entrepreneur in the making at age seven.

When she is not working tirelessly for her clients, you’ll find Stacy spending time with her family and traveling. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Stacy is always in the process of putting her own personal touches on her home.

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Our Team

SW Real Estate is proud to have the exclusive design expertise and staging services of LSL Design. LSL design was started by three women who share not only a a passion for design, but a true understanding of how it should be implemented. A commitment to excellent service and quality--the key to good design and happy clients


Contractors and Service Providers

We are happy to offer to our clients the services of our great contacts in the industry. These can include;

Movers & Organizers

Painters & Small Repair Contractors

House Cleaning

Window Washers

Landscapers & Sprinkler experts

Mechanical Contractors




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