Behind the scenes of a new listing Part I

Many people believe listing their house is pretty simple. You do a thorough cleaning, push all your knickknacks into the basement closet, take some quick shots with your Iphone and voila! your house magically looks fantastic and within a couple of days you are getting multiple offers above list price. When you list your home with SW Real Estate however, you will find we take a much slower and strategic approach. First, we assess your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. What items in the house are going to be real negatives that could keep potential buyers from making an offer?  What items are real positives that will attract a lot of buyers? Are there things in your home that need a quick fix? A plumbing leak, a door that won't latch or lock, peeling paint on the front windows, etc. Our goal in this initial assessment is to ensure that when we do list your home it shows very well in both photos and in person, and that any minor repair work that would be obvious to a buyer when they walk through your home is taken care of before we put it on the market.  

Let's delve into some specifics. We are excited to be listing a home in the prestigious Harvard/Yale area of Salt Lake City.  At our initial walkthrough with our Design Team and our seller we all agree that the home needs a fresh coat of paint on the inside. The baseboards are well worn with nicks and scratches and the walls are in definite need of a refresh. Our Design Team already has in mind the furniture they will be using for staging, even down to the accessories they want to use in each room.  They also know what existing furniture pieces in the home they will incorporate into the staging, and which ones they will put away while the home is on the market. With that in mind, we agree on a nice neutral color for the interior walls on the main floor. While walking the home we notice one minor repair that need to be completed--our client's dog chewed a couple of the corners of the front window sill. 

We schedule our painter to come by when it is convenient for our seller. In this case our seller is on vacation for a week, so we hope to have all the painting and repairs completed by the time she returns! Here are the photos of the interior before we get started.  Check back for an update as we finish the paint and start staging!